Caricature Examples and some more Whimsical Art


Caricatures have been a large part of my work since drawing people through the mail for a gift catalogue in Colorado. When I slowly got better with speed (and less pencil mistakes) I dared myself to draw people sitting in front of me, using only a Sharpie, out on a market street in Burlington, VT, 30ish years ago. Customers looking for caricature art, or the caricaturist himself, sometimes think the word is characters. Though I like to also draw characters, it is caricature you’re looking for:)

Since the beginning I have worked at many Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, special events and birthday parties.

Manifesting Caricatures for goal setting.
Manifesting Caricatures for dreams and goals.



Okay, for the drawing examples above: Caricaturizations (I made that up) is a new generation of caricatures that are a bit more magical and meaningful. It’s the idea of drawing a person’s image along with a dream or goal. An image of you AND your DREAM HOUSE, you and your DREAM CAR or maybe your DREAM JOB. It works as a visualization, a manifestation.

Your 11×17 (or your specific dimension) Caricaturization is then matted or framed and put in a place where you see it every morning and then find ways to pursue that goal. It can be added to your Vision Board, if you have one of those.

Caricature of real estate agent to help promote oneself without photography.


The drawings of people are usually for gifts, but many are used for a person’s personal business.


I’ve been hired to make many caricatures for business projects, advertising and even within logo designs.

Below are more samples and varieties of cartoon drawings.

Caricatures and more samples