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WCAX: Hospital health screener brings joy through cartoons


Inside this site are eye-catching cartoons that will help you tell your story!  They are simple and colorful, ethnic and diverse, fun, but sometimes serious.

I do drawings and icons for websites, Instructional and Educational illustrations, Company Logo Designs, T-shirt designs, Activity books, Children’s books, Posters, Coloring books, Sports Mascots Promotional Material, and, yes, even Caricatures. Let me say that again: CARICATURES.

Pollutants entering water sources.
A diagram for individuals changing a habit or behavior.


I’ve designed tattoos, stickers, a how-are-you-feeling poster for schools, graphic novels, mascots into art, I’ve even illustrated for a movie documentary that will hopefully be coming out soon!

An image reminding of how loving couples appear in many forms.


Thank you and have fun enjoying my plethora of possibilities!